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Paternity Fraud - Mommy's Profitable Secret

Daddy pays up, whether he likes it or not!

Raising a child in this world is expensive, no one disputes that; and who doesn't want the best for their children? In the olden days, mothers would stay home and tend to the family, and fathers would go out to work to bring the money home for food, clothing and housekeeping.

What a screwed-up world it's become where women create other ways of earning what it takes to bring up her child or children. "Hey, why don't I sucker this poor guy into believing he's their father, make him pay to raise them and meanwhile act like an innocent the whole time? No one has to know!"

That is … until genetic science caught up with the whole sham. DNA testing has shed glaring light on a concept that has been around for millennia: paternity fraud. It boggles the mind to think how many women have gotten away with their lies, for countless generations. Now, it's as simple as a swab of the inside of the cheek to prove that a man is not the child's real Daddy. That may be simple, but trying to relieve him of his financial responsibilities is shamefully difficult, if possible at all, and the consequences are likely to have him branded the bad guy for trying to shirk his obligations.

Case after case of paternity fraud has reached the law courts, only to be thrown out on the basis that the father should have known the child wasn't his. What kind of justice is that? He didn't know his partner had been cheating, the relationship had continued as normal and yet some other man had fathered the child the two of them were raising together. Not only does the guy suffer the 'loss' of a child he thought was his own flesh and blood, but the law states that he has to continue to support him or her financially until the age of eighteen.

Paternity fraud does nothing for the cause of women who have a truly legal and rightful case for which to claim child support. There are mothers who deserve the support and don't receive it for whatever reason. For every case of paternity fraud that hits the headlines, estranged fathers everywhere will wonder if they too should request a DNA test. Not that the proof would make much difference to their responsibilities. The truth is, more often than not, biological evidence means little to the government, who appears more concerned that someone, anyone pay child support, lest it not drain the nation's budget further.

Meanwhile, Mommy gets paid, the 'father' becomes poorer and the government washes its hands.

The technical services of DNA labs across the world are being enlisted for cases of paternity fraud. The information handed back has the power to crush a family, and, one would think, to absolve a man of his financial obligations. But until the legal system pays more attention to the plight of honest, cheated-against men, and stealing, lying women, the balance will hang in favor of the guilty party. DNA testing is so advanced that a man can be completely exonerated of his paternity, yet confusion reigns over who should be held accountable: the mother or the biological father, if in fact he can be found!

Legislation should be passed to label paternity fraud a crime. Credit card fraud, identity fraud and medical fraud are all punishable by prison terms; why should a woman wrongfully claiming years of financial support from an innocent man be rewarded for her actions?

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