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Is Conducting A Home Paternity Test Too Easy?

Imagine a couple having a lovers' tiff, a marital spat, an all-out brawl, and in the heat of the moment, the woman yells at the man: "And besides, Sam is not even your baby!"

It's the stuff of soap operas and Jerry Springer episodes, sure, but it does happen. And when it does, a family can come crashing down with just a few words. Now that DNA technology is sufficiently advanced to enable a man to take a home paternity test, there's no reason why he should take his partner's word for it when he can obtain the answers himself.

Quick and easy
For just a few hundred dollars, anyone can call up a specialist clinic and request home delivery of a home paternity test kit. The kits themselves are sometimes offered free of charge as it's the actual laboratory tests that cost real money. More and more companies are providing this service, having recognized the demand for a simple, user-friendly way of performing the tests, thereby making it more affordable and accessible to a wider cross section of the community.

Pain-free testing
Never mind fear of needles or squirming in a medical center. No blood tests are even needed these days! All that's required is a buccal swab that involves taking a sample of cells from the inside of the man's and the child's cheek, then having the material analyzed at a lab. This method is not only simple for the man who would like to determine paternity, but it's also a non-invasive way for the child to be tested.

The process usually takes around three to four days, however a more urgent request can be submitted and the results returned within twenty-four hours. Interested parties, such as the mother of the child and the alleged father, can even check the results online if the company they use offers this service.

How accurate is a home paternity test?
Since the results of any paternity test can cause dramatic ramifications, it's of utmost importance that testing is carried out with a high degree of accuracy and reliability and that the lab performing the test is reputable and follows accepted scientific practices. Whether the sample was derived using a home paternity test or in a medical environment bears little significance. The same caliber of experts will be attending to the tests regardless.

What else can be tested at home?
Besides a home paternity test, you can also order other kits to determine the genetic relationship between siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents. As well, there is such a thing as twin zygosity, which is used to find out if a set of twins is identical or fraternal. This is important in the case of genetic disorders, for example, where it can be useful if one twin is diagnosed and the parents want to know the probability of the second having the same DNA. Identical siblings will commonly experience the same disorder. Or, in the case of one sibling requiring blood or organs, an identical twin can be the donor as they carry the same DNA.

It's important to know that if a home paternity test is used, the results will not be admissible in a court of law.

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